Volume 1, Issue 1 (June 2023)

Lead Editor: Ezekiel Joubert III

Theme: Ethnic Studies Pedagogies as Living Archives

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Introduction to the Journal: Why a Journal on Ethnic Studies Pedagogies? [download]

Michael Dominguez, Brian Lozenski, Miguel Zavala, and Marie Nubia Feliciano 

Editor’s Introduction: Ethnic Studies Pedagogies as Living Archives [download]

Ezekiel Joubert III

Lessons From the 1st Ethnic Studies Educators in O.C. [download]

Jose Paolo Magcalas

Intergenerational Pláticas as Ethnic Studies Freedom Dreaming in Kern County [download]

Tim Monreal, Felisa Patiño-Longoria, and Marlene Herera

Cultural Intuition as a Guide: Pedagogical Resonance in Ethnic Studies Teaching and Learning [download]

Cindy Mata, Sara Díaz-Montejano, Mariana E. Ramírez, and Alice Im

POETRY: Let’s Vibe by Marisol Ruiz [download]

Tiahui: A Decolonial Framework for Pedagogy & Practice [download]

Anita Fernández, Sean Arce, Jose Gonzalez, and Mictlani Gonzalez

Oral Histories and Pláticas as Ancestral Conocimientos and Ethnic Studies Pedagogies [download]

Lisa Mendoza Knecht and Sylvia Mendoza Aviña

Animal Artifacts and Narratives of the Mesoamerican Clay-Figurine Project [download]

Santiago Garcia and Priscilla Hernandez

Plantita Knowledge: A Journey of Writing a Healing Text [download]

Marisol Ruiz and Nancy Perez

ART: Butterfly Release by Lani Cupchoy [download]

Sensing Home and Archiving Self: A Black Feminist Autoethnographic Mappint to/through Ethnic Studies Pedagogies [download]

Chelsea Bouldin

Feminista Reflections of a COVID Food Project: Disrupting Pedagogical Norms, Theorizing from Homespace, and Healing Collectively [download]

Dolores Delgado Bernal, Cynthia Alonso, and Yessica Barojas

Witnessing the Pedagogical Impact of Ethnic Studies Through an Intergenerational Collaborative Autoethnography [download]

Meghan Green and Priscilla Green

The Legacies of Memory: A Liberatory Tool [download]

Aria Gilliam

ART: Ofelia y Adolfo by Clara Nieblas [download]

POETRY: Mexidorian by Joanna Flores [download]

An Emotive Testimonio Approach to Critical Race Educational History: Building Reciprocal Relationships with and for Our Communities [download]

Bryant Partida and Mariana E. Ramírez

Writing Puerto Rican Public History: Ethnic Studies Curriculum in Connecticut [download]

Elena Rosario

PHOTOGRAPHY: The Work of Memory by Boone Nguyen [download]

Weoponizing Diversity: The Survival of Ethnic Studies Pedagogies, Resistance, and Transformation amid University's Neoliberal Project of Diversity [download]

Elaine Correa and Jorge Moraga

“J’ey Alex, let’s talk about unos proyectos”: Reflections on Mestizo and Indigenous collaboration in Indigenous Latinx community filmmaking [download]

Alexander Mejía

Ethnic Studies Pedagogies as Living Archives in Black and Indigenous Americans' Dual Educational Politics [download]

Nathanial Stewart

SONGS: Re-spiriting Songs and People from Cultural Memory to Now/Future Harmonic Consciousness [download]

Gregory Esparza


Volume 1, Issue 2 (December 2023)

Lead Editor: Lani Cupchoy

Theme: Pedagogies for Creative Justice: Artivism, Digital Media, and Filmmaking

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